The Night Theater presents: La Libertine

It is the time again, my gentle-friends, for the yearly honor to help celebrate the anniversary of Fallen Gods.

We shall step back in time, to when the wigs were high and powder white,
When the depth of your breath hung on the tightness of the strings on your Corset.

Showing only on:

Friday October 21st @ 11am
Saturday October 29th @ 1pm

La Libertine Oct 2022

Your Pretty Thoughts

It has been 6 years since our last Valentines Show production and it felt like it was time for our 3rd take on the celebration.

This time, we go a little deeper, celebrating the power of the written word to set our souls on fire.

There will be only 2 chances to see this show so come by at Valentines weekend:

Saturday February 13th at noon @ The Night Theater
Sunday February 14th at 8am @ Esotheric

This is not our normal pg shows, so leave the kids at home, bring a blindfold if you are sensitive to nudity and let us light the flame.

Last Chance to see this years Yule show: Home for Christmas

Come and join us for this years winter seasons production “Home for Christmas” Last Chance today Sunday Jaunary 3rd at noon.

As usual, we are proud to be part of the Fallen Gods Yule celebrations and the show will be at the Selidor bay.

Happy New Year from us and hope to see you there!

Song of the Elements

Proudly presenting this years contribution to the Fallen Gods anniversary celebration: Song of the Elements.

A brand new production in six acts created just for the occasion. I hope you will enjoy this little tale inspired by the divine creations of Alia Baroque. Come and join us, somewhere on Selidor on the following two fridays:

Friday October 16th @ noon

Friday October 23rd @ noon

Slur updates soon.

While we wait for Fantasy Faire

Let us Entertain you with some old favoriets!

In about an hour, at 12,30 pm slt, Sunday March 29th, we will dust off The Duettes, a show of mythical romance and fun.

Come over to the pond at Ippos and dream of brighter days with us.

Our pop-up outdoors stage is here:

Hope to see you there Friends!

Yule, yule, it´s the Naughtiest time of the Year?

As we do, this time of year, we celebrate the yule season with Fallen Gods and another Christmas show. This time, we got a hold of Santas Naughty List and visit some of the Dames that have managed to end up on that.

Come over to the Bay outside the Fallen Gods show, tomorrow, Saturday December the 21st at 1pm slt and see what we have been up to.

Festive attire, a jolly mood and merriment provided.

See you there!

Naughty List Poster

Written in the Stars, Last chance.

Today, Thursday October 17th at 1pm slt, we do the second and last performance of this show. I put together a little tale about how the Scorpio ( and some others) got their place among the stars to follow this years theme Zodiac, for the Fallen Gods Anniversary.

If you did not make it the first time, maby today is your chance:)

To see a little of what is to come, check the flickr album for the show here: Oct_008

The Duettes.

The Duettes Poster

Today, Saturday October the 12th @ 1pm slt, The Night Theater has a special, one time only, chance to re-visit some old favorite acts from Fallen Gods anniversaries past.

6 Duettes, just for the occasion in this small but grand show, a little bit of everything to make you feel. So come and join us at the Selidor rooftop Garden:

Hope you will enjoy the show!

Fallen Gods Anniversary Show 2019!

Written in the Poster 1

As is tradition, I have made another show for the occasion. Inspired by this years theme “The Zodiac”, I have spun a tale of the origin of some of our star constellations. “Written in the Stars” is a sparkling saga of villains and heroes, goddesses and more. With 6 brand new acts performed by my wonderful cast of friends we hope to entertain you in our own special way.

The show can only be seen on the following 2 dates:

Sunday October 6th @ 11am
Thursday October 17th @ 1pm

Find us in the bay at Selsidor:

Hope you will enjoy the show!

(Oh, and there will be another, medley kind of show of old favorites on the 12th, but more on that later..)


Tonight is the Night!

Fantasy Faire 2019 opens today at noon slt. There is a great big program of entertainment for the 10 official faire days. 17 groups performing a total of 37 shows. To see the full program follow this link to the official Fantasy Faire blog:


First to start the series of performances is The Night Theater and as always I  have created a whole show, just for the Faire. This year our show, Bergatagen, takes you to the deep forests of Sweden, where the pine grow tall and the ground is covered in thick moss, dampening sounds to almost silent. The air trembles of magic and you can hear the occasional giggle behind you, a movement at the corner of you eye. In the forest deep, you are never alone.

Bergatagen Poster

Come see what lurks in wait at the following days and times:

Thursday April 18th @ 1 pm slt
Friday April 19th @ noon slt
Friday April 26th @ noon slt

You can find us on Genesia, created by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artist

As always I have my wonderful cast with me and I can´t wait for you to see them in these new rolls. A big heartfelt Thank You to you guys for always being so wonderful putting up with my madness for these shows: Shadow, Sam, Ame, Luca and Bryn, you are such bright stars in my night sky<3