Tonight is the Night!

Fantasy Faire 2019 opens today at noon slt. There is a great big program of entertainment for the 10 official faire days. 17 groups performing a total of 37 shows. To see the full program follow this link to the official Fantasy Faire blog:


First to start the series of performances is The Night Theater and as always I  have created a whole show, just for the Faire. This year our show, Bergatagen, takes you to the deep forests of Sweden, where the pine grow tall and the ground is covered in thick moss, dampening sounds to almost silent. The air trembles of magic and you can hear the occasional giggle behind you, a movement at the corner of you eye. In the forest deep, you are never alone.

Bergatagen Poster

Come see what lurks in wait at the following days and times:

Thursday April 18th @ 1 pm slt
Friday April 19th @ noon slt
Friday April 26th @ noon slt

You can find us on Genesia, created by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artist

As always I have my wonderful cast with me and I can´t wait for you to see them in these new rolls. A big heartfelt Thank You to you guys for always being so wonderful putting up with my madness for these shows: Shadow, Sam, Ame, Luca and Bryn, you are such bright stars in my night sky<3


A Cheer for the Elves (Or The Show that almost did not happen.)

Today, we help celebrate the Yule at Fallen Gods with one of our seasonal shows.

It feels wonderful to have pulled this one off after having to cancel the anniversary show due to illness. Back in the saddle, even if my legs are still wobbly:)

I hope you will enjoy the show and that your holidays were spent in peace with family and friends and that the New Year will bring you good times.


Fantasy Faire 2018, The Decenial

It has been a great joy and privilege to be part of this event again. We have performed 3 times with our new show ” The Frozen Heart”, made just for the occasion. It seems everybody was as happy watching the show as we were performing it:)

Due to the load of work involved in running the performer program for the Faire, I am however late with this post. But I hope to be forgiven and those that missed the show inworld, will enjoy these pictures instead. Hopefully there will be a video link added soon too:)


TNT Poster FF 2018

Showorder Frozen Heart

Dragon Sam.jpg

Dragon Sam

Goldfish Shadow

Shadow as Golden Mermaid

Dryad Ame

Ame as Dryad Sister

Pixie Luca

Pixie Luca

Toadstool Bryn

Toadstool Bryn



FH Story 1.jpg

FH Story 2

The Pond

Finding the Pond

FH Story 3.jpg

The Pond Beast

Sam as the Pond Beast

FH Story 4

Dryads 2018

The Dryad Sisters

FH Story 5

The Cave

The Dragons Lair


FH Story 6 B.jpg

Pixie Village.jpg

The Pixie Village

FH Story 7


Meeting the Toadstool Fairy

FH Story 8 B


Forever Happily After

FH Story 9

FH Story END.jpg

With belated Christmas wishes and early New Years celebrations…

… I wish to invite you to our humble little show ” Gone Caroling”, today Friday the 29th of December at 1pm slt. It is the second and last performance of this years spectacle and we hope to send you off with a smile and merry thoughts for the new year.

I have put together 3 ½ ( yes one of the acts was seen in a Halloween version in October so that one only counts as a half) new acts for you and my darling friend Shadow Tarber added 2 of her old Christmas acts that just happen to be of my favorites and always make me smile. What makes me smile, I tend to want to share;) Also on stage we are joined by a few of the Shadows Silhouette Dancers; Kira, Lily, Elize and Rosie and our very own Sam has the lead part in 2 of the acts.

So, come by and help us celebrate the end of this year at the Fallen Gods sim, as part of the annual Yule celebrations there. If you happen to be in a party spirit after the show, there will be the yearly Penguin Fishslapping party after in the grand hall of the Fallen Gods store.

So do come by, good times guaranteed!

Sneakpeaks here —->

Gone Caroling Poster 1

Gone Caroling Showorder

Santas Helpers on Strike 2Santas Helpers StrikeSugarplum FaunSnowmens CabaretSnowmens Cabaret 2Snow FairySnow Fairy 2Scrooge Buddy Finale

Two more Chances to see River of Shivers!

This Sunday, October 22nd at noon SLtime and Saturday next weekend, the 28th of October at noon SLtime.

Join us on this spooky cruise down the river and meet the things that go bump in the night, the glowing eyes in the dark corners and the wicked living in the old haunted houses.

This brand new show is a collaboration between The Night Theater and Shadows Silhouettes with six acts especially made for the occasion.

Want to join in the cruise? Send Shadow Tarber or me Aelva a message or nc and we will book you a seat. We have limited seating to insure a smooth ride and enjoyable performance:)

Curious? Have a sneak peak here:

River of Shivers October 14th

Last Chance to see DreamMaker!

DreamMaker Showorder

Last chance to see DreamMaker, our show to celebrate Fallen Gods Decennial day.

Today Thursday the 12th of October at 1pm slt

Fallen Gods 10 years today!

Today starts the grand celebrations of Fallen Gods Decennial. And for the third year, we have the honor of being part of them.
So please join us at 2pm slt for a show dedicated to the work of Alia Baroque. The Theater will rise ontop of the Fallen Gods temple so meet us there:)

Show times:

Sunday Oct 8th @ 2pm slt
Thursday Oct 12th @ 1pm slt


DreamMaker Poster 1