The Theater and its ever-changing surroundings

I am a rezzaholic… I cannot stop creating scenes, spaces, rooms for my imagination and peace of mind.

One of the results of this, are the shows we make, I love set-building. Another result is the surroundings around The Night Theater, ever changing. Seasons come and go, there are always spots to hang out, play games, skate or dance.

Most of these little hiding-spots will disapear before ever seen, so I will share some pictures here with you.

Getting curious? Come by and have a look at what mood is set at the moment….


Waken from many months asleep, the theatre is finally back up and open to all. On our new sim location Tethers End we have joined forces with Kismet Coy and her new Burlesque club The Twisted Tassel and the Pub The Cock & Bull. This sim will be a spot for many kinds of entertainment with the Night Theaters family friendly dance shows, the Twisted Tassles tempting ladies, Dj music at the Cock and Bull and perhaps later on live music, art shows, dance schools and much more. Even a few shops will be installed in the near future. Want to join us? Give Aelva or Kismet Coy a call and we will see what we can do.




After many months at the Extravadanza sim, we have moved, due to unforeseen circumstances, to LEA 2 for the coming 3 months, starting September 1st 2015. Considering today’s date is September 6th, and I didn’t get real access till September 2nd, it is still a work in progress. But, I think we are ready for our Premier show and the second show of Around the World:

Day 1

2 sept_013 2 sept_017

Day 2

3 sept_001 3 sept_002 3 sept_009 3 sept_012 3 sept_013 3 sept_015


4 sept_008 4 sept_086 4 sept_088 4 sept_091


The Café around the Corner….

30 jan_012

Before the snow melted….

1 jan_012

2 jan_013

10 jan_05628 feb_08828 feb_085

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