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Today at Meet the Designers we talk about Dance!


Saffia invited me and a couple of my friends to come along and talk about Dancing in SL.  So today, Wednesday the 22nd of June at the Auditorium at SL B13,  Me, Amethyst and Shadow will answer some questions and share our thoughts and experience in this mutual passion we have; pixel dancing. So come over and join us at noon. Do consider the lagg and arriving early might help with that factor.

See you there!


Almost showtime!

SL is 13 years!

And to celebrate that we have put together a little collection of acts from the past year that we will be performing today, Monday the 20th of June at 2pm slt.

We will be in the Auditorium at SL B13 at this location:

Please come early so things will have time to rez and mind the scripting as it is likely to be very laggy under most conditions. So every little bit of help to reduce it is wonderful.
Right after us at 3pm slt, Saffia will have her talk show “Meet the Designers” and today she has a couple of Lindens in her hotseat, so stick around if you have time:)

See you there soon and hope you will enjoy the show and the rest of the celebrations!


SL B13 Showorder

It´s SL Birthday time!

And he/ she(??) turns a teen this year, 13 years and still puttering ( muttering) along.

We are doing a little mix of some of my favourite acts from the last year (that are under the prim allowance of 350, yes I know, I do tend to indulge myself in the bounty of prims I am spoilt with most of the time so this was not an easy pick…).

Because of the heavy lag that is to be expected at the Auditorium, I have limited the cast to 3 ladies. Joining me on this half-mad show are my 2 faithfully flair-filled darling friends Amethyst and Imhrien. Hopefully they know what they might be getting into by now when agreeing to get on my movers;)

I shall not get into much more detail, come celebrate with us. Time and place as the poster below shows and do come early, before us at noon Saffia will have her “Meet the designers” talkshow too. Slur to the location will be provided closer to the day.

Hope you have a lovely time exploring the sims and that we can entertain you with our show!

TNT at SL B13SL B13 Showorder