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LAST CHANCE! To see FairyTales Told

Once more The Night Theater will perform this collection of stories by Hans Christian Andersen. At the Sapphire Mirror Lake Stage, the performance sim at Fantasy Faire 2016 the wondrous creation by Haveit Neox.

So come over,, relay and relax and let us entertain you!

3pm Saturday the 30th (LAST!) of April

The taxi there:

I want to send a special thank you to my crew this year:

Dancers: Mickie, Daze, Sam & Alison

And most of all to my dear friends and co-choreographers:

Amethyst Dovgal, Imhrien Porthos & ColeMarie

You have truly ROCKED this Faire;)

Ames Ugly Duckling swan

Cole Mermaid FF 2016 textImmy Soldier FF 2016

Only three days left….

22 april_005

Can´t believe the Fantasy Faire has already been running over a week. But what a blast it has been and this coming weekend promises lots of more fun!

I finally had time to sort threw some of the pics and posted those to flicker. Hope you enjoy them and if you haven´t seen the shows yet, get tempted to:)

This weekend the Fantasy Faire will have 11 more shows over Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Sapphire Mirror Lake. And the Faire will close with the May Ball on sunday too and that is an event you don´t want to miss!

The Night Theater will show our specially made, just for Fantasy Faire show “FairyTales Told” stories inspired by H.C. Andersen 2 more times:

Friday at 1pm slt

Saturday at 3pm slt

So hop on the ride below and come see this show before it is gone:

Some picture teasers for the show here:



Second day of The Fantasy Faire

The Ugly duckling Book poster

And I just hopped away from the Fae parade. Because, it´s almost Showtime again!

Second showing of FairyTales Told @ the Sapphire Mirror Lake at Fantasy Faire.

5pm slt (yes our late show) today,Saturday the 23rd

Common over before it gets full


Ride to the show:

And the Fantasy Faire blogg in the Arts and Performanc section:

Fantasy Faire is here!

Fairytales Told Welcome Book


Today the 10 days of Performances kick off at The Fantasy Faire and The Night Theater has the honor of opening this up.

With out show, FairyTales Told, inspired by the stories by H.C. Andersen, we hope to dazzel and entertain you.

At 11 am slt we do our first of 6 shows during the faire and that is just a few of the over 30 performances that will take place at the Fantasy Faire this year.

Ride to the show:

And the Fantasy Faire blogg in the Arts and Performanc section: