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Its finally here! Festival of the Wicked

Join The Night Theater and Guests @ noon today when we perform our big Halloween show, Festival of the Wicked at the Black Widow stage, only here for this performance.

Festival of the Wicked 2

Festival of the Wicked Showorder 1

Tomorrow, we start Halloween a little Earlier….

Ball of the Wicked

—with The Ball of the Wicked! Dress for the occasion and come dance at the dancefloor at the waterfalls.

Camme Carver will sing for us between noon and 1pm slt so and there is plenty to explore around the sim to get you in the right mood for the weekend.

CC Halloween 2015 Done

Wonderfully Wicked Encore!

Wonderfully Wicked Encore corr

Catch the 2 encore performances of the Night Theater´s Halloween Show 2014: Wonderfully Wicked. Back this year just for giggles.

Sunday October 25th at noon slt.

And for Festival of the Wicked on Saturday 31st at 9 am slt.

Ode to the Ancient

Today is the day. We have the honour of performing at the 8 th anniversary of Fallen Gods.

Those who have seen some of our shows, know how greatly I have been inspired of Alia Baroques work. The magic of his skins and buildings always fuel my imagination and I have them to thank for some of my own favourite acts that I have done thru the years.

So when being asked to do a show in honour of Fallen Gods, the answer was a yes, yes, YES!

Come see, only 2 shows will be performed of this, and that is today at noon and at 1 pm slt.

More on this blogg:

Ode with text

Quiet this weekend.

Its been quiet this week at the LEA sim. The fog has rolled in and covered everything in darkness. Lanterns flickering here and there guide the way along the paths. Every now and then, here and there, the pitter patter of dancing feet is heard as the dancers prepare for the Festival of the Wicked. There will be 2 big shows held at the Black Widow stage during the Halloween weekend, Kiikiis are presenting their Zombie Burlesque show and The Night Theatre is doing the brand new Halloween show, this year with Miss Rosie Helendale as our very special guest performing a number of her own, created just for this event.

Things are changing here, taking new forms, darker magic at work brings a new atmosphere to the grounds.

Next friday The Night Theater will be doing a one-off show for a very special anniversary celebration. However the celebrations start today allready at 1pm. Our favourite magical fairy ColeMarie will be performing to kick the celebrations off so come join us there!

Fallen Gods Inc. 8th Anniversary Festival

Cake Show Encore

Cake Show Encore

We are doing an encore of the Cake Show we did for The World’s Biggest Coffee morning. Since we had to cut the show short, due to the stream going bonkers on too much coffee, I figure the show deserves a 2nd chance. So Join us next weekend, Sunday the 11th October at noon, coffee cup in hand, and support this great cause. And yes, there will be cake.

The Night Theater has big plans for Halloween this year.

Festival of the Wicked

During the weekend of All Hallows Eve, October 3oth & 31st, The Night Theater invite you to participate in our Festival of the Wicked. A dance celebration of this holiday of grim and gore. When Old magic awakens and the dead walk the earth again.

Got a show or a single act you want to share with us? Troupes and solo dancers, all welcome. New and old. There are several stages available and we welcome all as long as it is a PG friendly act to follow the rules of the LEA.

Interested? Contact Aelva Resident with a nc or an im and I will put you on the calendar.
Want to check out the sim before? Common over:

Invite Festival of the Wicked invite 2

This should be a great opportunity for all us pixel dance maniacs to get together and enjoy the holidays and share our passion for dance. Hope to see everybody here:)