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The Celebrations continue and it is time for the last show of Tales from the Crypts


I think last weeks show drew some giggles out of most that came to see it. So if you need a little Thursday cheer-up, here is your chance. Also most likely last chance to see this show so…get it while its hot. Thank you Alia for making us part of your celebration:)

I also want to thank my cast, Amethyst, Shadow, Kira, Kismet, Rahpture, Martty and ofc the Mistress of Magic herself, ColeMarie Soleil, whom,  as is her habit,  provided some extra magic for the show. Couldn´t do it without you all, you ROCK.

Come and join the divinity on the rooftop garden on Selsidor for our second and last show:

Thursday the 13th of October @ 1pm slt

Here are some pics from last week:

Bast 1

Tales from the Crypts, premiere today.

It´s the 9th anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc!

Mr Baroque has once again pulled out all the works to celebrate this anniversary; the Hunt, the God & goddess contest, The Fortune Teller, the market and so many more activities and performances. It is just packed with fun from start till end and there is even Cake! See the Fallen Gods blog for more info on what is going on here:

And The Night Theater have the honor of being a small part of the celebrations this year too.

With a show inspired by the work of Alia Baroques skins and builds, this year with a focus on Egyptian Mythology, we hope to entertain and dazzle you.

Come and join the divinity on the rooftop garden on Selsidor on one of these 2 showdates:

Friday the 7th of October @ 3pm slt

Thursday the 13th of October @ 1pm slt

Please arrive early as the different aspects of the show need time to load into your viewers and the sim may get full. Also, if you can help reduce lagg by reducing scripting and such we are very thankful and the show should run smoother for everybody;)

Hope to see you there and Happy 9 years Fallen Gods!