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The Worlds biggest Coffee morning + Dance?


A while back, a friend of mine, Saffia, told me of this charity event she was arranging a SL version of.

In rl, it has the shape of a bake sale/ coffee morning, to collect funds for people living with cancer.

In SL, it means there will be cakes for sale, with recipes inside to try and bake in rl:)

Join Prim Perfect’s Cake Against Cancer 2015!

So, why would TNT get into a bake sale? Well, I have always loved baking, and, eating cake (looks very guilty right now) and I love dance and I think combining our pleasures to help support our global community is a brilliant way to celebrate life.

So tomorrow, Friday the 25 th of September at noon slt we will help the Prim Perfect crew to kick off this event of indulgence with a little Cake themed show.

So come over and enjoy our little coffemorning/ teaparty on the lake shore. Have some cake and enjoy the entertainment:)

TNT Cupcake

Oh how much fun I have had with this show of mischief…

I grew up on fairy-tales. One of the first books I remember my dad reading to me is the Hobbit, followed by the Lord of the ring trilogy. Then he read Asken Yggdrasil, the lore of our Scandinavian Viking gods. And so on. My vast taste for music and literature I have inherited from my dad. Later I discovered Chinese mythology, greek mythology and on and on. There was a time I could recite the tale from every book I read. Now tho, I no longer have that ability, but, my love for lore of all kinds, is as alive as ever.

And one of the results is this show. I wanted to share the way I was brought up to see these creatures of magic. So for me,, this show is very close to the heart. It is a bit of what makes me me I guess.

So, I hope those of you who has seen this performed have enjoyed it. That it gave you a little bit of that spark. Something shiny to bring with you for a while.

But now, it is time to prepare. Showtime in an hour and 15. So, I will leave you with these pictures and an invite to come and see us. At noon slt. On LEA 2. We Present; Midsummer Mischief.

Showorder Midsummer Mischief LEA 2015

Back this weekend only: Midsummer Mischief

Midsummer Poster LEA 2015

See the fae of our lore up in the north come to life at twighlight on a midsummers eve.
As the sun sets over the little village, magic stirs and the spirits come out of hiding to lure those humans still awake under the midnight sun.

Saturday the 19th of September @ noon slt
Sunday the 20th September @ noon slt

Showorder Midsummer Mischief LEA 2015

The 2nd Show of Around the World and… We have MOVED!!!

Please Join us at our temporary home at LEA 2. Here we shall get into as much mischief as we can till end of November.

First up we do the second showing of Around the World.

So come by today, September 6th, show starts at Noon Slt.

The Dancers have worked very hard to bring some very entertaining numbers for us all. New to the group are Liriel, Storm, Sebastain, Amethyst and SexyS.

I am very proud to have all of them along with me. They all have contributed greatly to this show that has been in the making for almost a year. SexyS ( Baba Karam) and Martty ( Bankok) have done one number each, Storm and Liriel collaborated on Chicago and Amethsyt had so much fun she ended up doing 2 numbers: Around the World and Over the Rainbow.

So hurry up, grab the ride and come over;)

Around the World Poster X

Around the World Poster X

Around the World Poster X