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And the Second part of Designing Worlds visit to Fantasy Faire

Its been quiet again….

Yes, past week, when I was supposed to recover from the Fantasy Faire, I ended up tossing together a show for SL Enquierers 10 year anniversary on Saturday the 9th of May instead of the lazy “Hanging in my garden – watching movies – opening shiny boxes from the Faire” that I had planned. But it just seemed like sucha fun event that I didnt want us to miss out on it. So I grabbed my then online partners in crime ( Jess & Royal) and set out to make a lineup of a show, with a Newspaper/ Papparazzi sort of theme.

We ended up with 7 acts, Royals Papparazzi number, Jess did Navy Blues and I dusted off 4 old acts and dressed them up all new and shiny and ended up doing a version of the song Happy ( yes, I know you all have it stuck in your brains too off and on… and there are many greater versions than mine out there , I do consider all Misses versions far supperior, she “owns” it in my opinion but….) it kinda went very well with the Happy Anniversary sign:)

SL E Anniversary Showorder

I dont recommend doing a show in a week. I like more time for details. And to breathe. But this was great fun. And a great event to be part of too. 10 years in this virtual world is a grand accomplishment. In the end, everybody seemed to have fun and be very satisfied with the results and yet again I am amazed by the talent and dedication of the people around me that come along on these crazy ideas of mine and just get on the task at hand and help me make it happen; Royal and Jess for their brilliant acts and the ever so important dancers; Sarah, JenzZa & Ginger.You are all worth enough gold stars to fill a pixel sky.

Anyhow, enough rambling and onwards to some images I caught of the show:)

And…. some links to keep the spirit of The Fantasy Faire alive till next year…