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Last Show of The MilkyWay Cabaret 2016!

Starting in 50 minutes, your last chance to see this star-studded alien spectacle for this year. It has been a week of full-packed shows and a grand total of L$176,427 raised for RFL at the shows so far.

So grab the rocket and join us for about and hour and half of intergalactic mischief.

Sunday 27th of March @ 9pm slt


Final Showorder MWC 2016Sunday 27th 9pm XX

The MilkyWay Cabaret show 2

Eostri MWC 2016 Poster

Opening day was a great success! We had so much fun and so did the audience. Who can resist 1 ½ hours of Scifi fun?

If you are ready for more or missed the first show, don´t worry, we are doing it again today, Sunday 20th of March and 3 more shows during the week. However, the program varies a bit each show so keep an eye out.

Today we have a bit shorter show, but full of entertainment anyhow. Today we will start at 11.59pm slt (Midnight) to accommodate audiences on different timelines of the grid.

So come by at:

Sunday the 20th of March @ 11.59pm ( Midnight)

Also, if you are itching for some alien fun before and after that, visit the SL Sci-Fi Con. A real feast for us enthusiasts. Great builds and entertainment around the clock.

Landing point is right here:

It´s only on for a week, ending next Sunday, the 27th, so don´miss out;)

MWC Showorder Sunday 20th Corr 3

The MilkyWay Cabaret 2016

2016 MWC Poster

For the Scifi Con & RFL We Present:

The MilkyWay Cabaret 2016

Come and join us in a Star-Studded program of Scifi-Inspired shows, dedicated to the benefit of RFL, only shown at the Scifi Con 2016.

So Hop on a rocket and let us entertain you!

Friday March 18th at 2pm slt

Sunday March 20th at 11.50pm slt (Midnight)

Wednesday March 23rd at Noon slt

Saturday March 26th at Noon slt

Sunday March 27th at 11.59pm slt (Midnight)

MWC Showorder Fri 18th Corr 2

Here are some of the Choreographers for the shows, I am missing Eostri and SexyS posters, but they are being added shortly. The shows vary a bit between different days so be sure not to miss anything and come back for more!

Amethyst MWC 2016 Poster

Arabella MWC 2016 PosterBabyP MWC 2016 PosterExhi MWC 2016 PosterImrhien MWC 2016 PosterKeith MWC 2016 PosterTray MWC 2016 Poster

Aelva MWC 2016 Poster

Coming Soon!


We have the honour of being involved in the Milky Way Cabarets show for the SL Scifi Con 2016.


Opening day Friday 18th @ 2pm (Opening ceremonies at around noon that day)

Sunday the 20th @ Midnight 11.55pm

Wednesday the 23rd @ noon

Saturday the 26th @ noon

Sunday the 27th @ Midnight 11.55pm

Come by and see some of SLs finest dancers shake their Alien curves to help in the fight against Cancer!

More details later on, but I can promise a good time for a good cause:)