Monthly Archives: August 2016

Time to brag about a dear friend and mentor.

I know I have been very quiet. It´s been a long summer, kids home 24/7, the need to entertain and be a mom has been my first priority. So time to make my own shows have been sparse. But I have had the pleasure to be part of some other theatres shows like Lady Garden Cabaret, The Luxe and Shadows Sillhouettes.

The latter, the theater of “momma” Shadow Tarber, had me just riding a ball, but whatta ride! In a comical Film Noir spirit she has made a murder mystery that will make you giggle and pushes the frontier of what we can do with our tools for pixel dance. I am so very, very proud to be part of it. But enough of talk, have a look at this video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have:)