Monthly Archives: January 2016

Time to Say Goodbye to LEA

January will be our 5th and last month at LEA for this time at least. To go out with a bang we are doing and encore of last years Valentines show: “My heart goes BOOM”, a sparkling, cheeky & fun show that will set off this year of dance on a happy note. There will be 2 performances of this, January the 16th and 17th @ noon.

My Heart goes Boom Encore 2016

It has been great working with the crew that runs LEA and during our stay at here we have managed to put on 7 shows; 3 Encores of old shows, 2 all new shows and The Festival of the Wicked which was an open collaboration for Halloween. A lot of work but most of all, a lot of fun. And I hope we have managed to spread our joy for dance to our cherished guests. A big thank you to LEA for having us all this time. Hope we made you proud.


Now, onwards to the future of The Night Theater.  We are taking part in some big Events this spring. First up will be the Mardi Gras Parade organized by Shadow Taber on February the 9th @ 2pm. Last year we had so much fun participating in this and I am very happy to be part of it this year again. Second is the Scifi Con where we will be part of the Milky Way Cabarets big show that will run thru the week of March 18th till March 27th alongside of the convention. More details on this later and as I had made a promise to the lovely Immy and Tray to help out this year, if anybody wants to join the forces do contact me and I will hook you up. Third big event and for me this is like Christmas, is the Fantasy Faire in April, where I also have promised to help out and organise an even bigger “Show part” of the Faire after the great enthusiasm over last years performances. But more on all this later. For now, I hope you will come see our show and help us celebrate our time at LEA one last time!