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This year, ontop of my own show, I was deeply involved in the play performed at Fantasy Faire. A production that grew out of scale pretty fast. But we pulled it off, with the little help from some friends ( Thank you again Shadow and Ame). Shakespears Much Ado About Nothing, flipped Fantasy Faire style.

Here is one of the parts of that show, and Shadow, knows this one very intimately.

And Haveit & Lilias film

The Party that didn´t happen…

Ty Caitlin Tobias for filming this:)

Beautiful video made by Colemarie Soleil

Catching my breath… and catching up.

Means playing with some photos taken of the show. I hope you like them and along with posting them I want to thank my wonderful dancers:

Ame, Luca, Shadow, Sam, Rommie and Jay, without you I couldn´t have pulled it off. Your support and faith in me keeps me going, even when the goal seems near impossible to reach. With friends like you, one can accomplish just about anything. Big loves and hugs to you all, Bright, Beautiful stars on my darkest skies.

Sam as FaunJ & R as DryadsEarthShadow as AirThe Faun and the Maiden on the SeaWater 1Water2Happily Faun

 And a very special thank you to Luca who saved us by streaming the last couple of shows as my new computer had not had time to get the programs working properly.