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…and another lovely show…

And some picks to shouw some of it:


Thank you to Wildstar Beaumont for sharing those:)



The Fauns Fable, our show at Fantasy Faire 2017


Due to several computer related issues, double show work and much more,, I am late, very late with this post. But fear not, there is still time to see this show.

We will perform it 2 more times:

Tuesday April 25th @ 1pm (today)

Friday April 28th @ 1pm

This is one of those light hearted fuzzy fantasies that will put a smile on your face. It is fairly simple as with the lack of time this year did not allow for all my elaborate plans. I am still wondering how the hell I pulled the show off at all. But yes, I made it just in time:)

Curious? You will find some pics here:


And do come and see us, there may not be more chances once the Fantasy Faire closes on Sunday.


Slur to the lovely Arts & Entertainment sim here:

Seating is up in the giant white flowers.

See you at the Faire;)