A little taste of the show for Fallen Gods 12th Anniversary 2019; Written in the Stars.

Thanks to ӍRS. HЄ̨̢ѦVЄ̨̢ƝŁY MƗCHΔЄŁƗS (heavenlyeyes82) for making this slideshow video for us!


From Fantasy Faire 2015, 2016 and 2017, machinima made by Haveit Neox. We have been very honored to perform at his art installation performance sims: Poseidons Abyss 2015 and Sapphire Mirror Lake 2016 and Opal Flight 2017. There are also some clips of other groups dancing and a great view of how the sims designed and the art on them. Beautiful work!

On the Following links you can see some of our performances, filmed by RG Giano:

Winter Wishes (Christmas 2014):

Walking in the Air by Aelva


Wonderfully Wicked ( Halloween 2014):

Men in Black by Jaicya

Spiders Lullaby by Aelva

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