Catching my breath… and catching up.

Means playing with some photos taken of the show. I hope you like them and along with posting them I want to thank my wonderful dancers:

Ame, Luca, Shadow, Sam, Rommie and Jay, without you I couldn´t have pulled it off. Your support and faith in me keeps me going, even when the goal seems near impossible to reach. With friends like you, one can accomplish just about anything. Big loves and hugs to you all, Bright, Beautiful stars on my darkest skies.

Sam as FaunJ & R as DryadsEarthShadow as AirThe Faun and the Maiden on the SeaWater 1Water2Happily Faun

 And a very special thank you to Luca who saved us by streaming the last couple of shows as my new computer had not had time to get the programs working properly.


…and another lovely show…

And some picks to shouw some of it:


Thank you to Wildstar Beaumont for sharing those:)



The Fauns Fable, our show at Fantasy Faire 2017


Due to several computer related issues, double show work and much more,, I am late, very late with this post. But fear not, there is still time to see this show.

We will perform it 2 more times:

Tuesday April 25th @ 1pm (today)

Friday April 28th @ 1pm

This is one of those light hearted fuzzy fantasies that will put a smile on your face. It is fairly simple as with the lack of time this year did not allow for all my elaborate plans. I am still wondering how the hell I pulled the show off at all. But yes, I made it just in time:)

Curious? You will find some pics here:

23 april_034


And do come and see us, there may not be more chances once the Fantasy Faire closes on Sunday.


Slur to the lovely Arts & Entertainment sim here:

Seating is up in the giant white flowers.

See you at the Faire;)

While waiting on Fantasy Faire…


…and the many dance performances to come during that event, here is a little memory from One Billion Rising:


For those that missed the OBR 2017…

… Here are the pictures from the performances and sims. And for those of you that were there, good memories and big thank yous to you all:)




Whats next? Well, next week, on Fat tuseday, February 28th, We are participating in Shadows annual Mardi Gras Parade…

One Billion Rising SL 2017


Tomorrow. Valentine’s Day 2017 is the day for our yearly One Billion Rising Manifestation.

It is a day of women and men, supporting women’s equal rights, rising and speaking up in words, music, art and performances of many kinds.

This year the performer’s community in SL have outdone themselves and will bring you a total of 6 shows during the day with performers from all over the world.

Starting with first show at 4 am slt and last show at 6pm, we have a day full of entertainment and that is only to mention the Performer’s sim. There will be 4 sims to explore of art, dj sessions to dance to and poetry readings at the Poetry Corner.

And there will be information kiosks about the event at every landing point.

Program for the Performance Stage:

5 am – Avillion Mer Ballet

6 am – Mahal

10 am – ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life & Love

Noon – Variety Show:

Jarla Capalini, LuLu, Keesha Lenroy, Taema, Virginia Kass & The Night Theater

4 pm – Variety Show:

Aubrynne Mohegan, LuLu, Kyrieholy & The Night Theater

6 pm – Phoenix Dance Team

For more detailed info, Please check the OBR SL blog:

and the schedules for the day here:


Last Chance for The Snow Queen

Yesterdays show went very well, in spite of a particle loading issue related to the sim. Most likely I am the only one really noticing:)


Today is the last show, at 1pm at the Rose Theater so come by and see us!

Here are some pictures from yesterdays show:


17 dec_014