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Tonight is the Night!

Fantasy Faire 2019 opens today at noon slt. There is a great big program of entertainment for the 10 official faire days. 17 groups performing a total of 37 shows. To see the full program follow this link to the official Fantasy Faire blog:


First to start the series of performances is The Night Theater and as always I  have created a whole show, just for the Faire. This year our show, Bergatagen, takes you to the deep forests of Sweden, where the pine grow tall and the ground is covered in thick moss, dampening sounds to almost silent. The air trembles of magic and you can hear the occasional giggle behind you, a movement at the corner of you eye. In the forest deep, you are never alone.

Bergatagen Poster

Come see what lurks in wait at the following days and times:

Thursday April 18th @ 1 pm slt
Friday April 19th @ noon slt
Friday April 26th @ noon slt

You can find us on Genesia, created by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artist

As always I have my wonderful cast with me and I can´t wait for you to see them in these new rolls. A big heartfelt Thank You to you guys for always being so wonderful putting up with my madness for these shows: Shadow, Sam, Ame, Luca and Bryn, you are such bright stars in my night sky<3