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The Night Theater Presents: Around the World

Around the World Poster X

Come on a trainride with us, visiting places Around the World, seen thru the eyes of the Dreamdancers. Pack a bikini and an umbrella and be prepared for all.

We are happy to welcome some new dancers on the TNT stage too for this show; Amethyst, Storm & Liriel and SexyS have joined out team to show some of their favorite places.

So grab that suitcase and hope on the train:

Sunday 30th of August at noon slt.

Sunday 6th of september at noon slt.

Please arrive atleast 30 min before show to allow for everything to load and do keep scripts as low as possible for a smooth ride.

Stirring my big cauldron of Mischief

Invite Festival of the Wicked

Want to dance with  TNT at LEA this Hallows Eve? Drop me an im or nc and we see what we can do.