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Fantasy Faire 2018, The Decenial

It has been a great joy and privilege to be part of this event again. We have performed 3 times with our new show ” The Frozen Heart”, made just for the occasion. It seems everybody was as happy watching the show as we were performing it:)

Due to the load of work involved in running the performer program for the Faire, I am however late with this post. But I hope to be forgiven and those that missed the show inworld, will enjoy these pictures instead. Hopefully there will be a video link added soon too:)


TNT Poster FF 2018

Showorder Frozen Heart

Dragon Sam.jpg

Dragon Sam

Goldfish Shadow

Shadow as Golden Mermaid

Dryad Ame

Ame as Dryad Sister

Pixie Luca

Pixie Luca

Toadstool Bryn

Toadstool Bryn



FH Story 1.jpg

FH Story 2

The Pond

Finding the Pond

FH Story 3.jpg

The Pond Beast

Sam as the Pond Beast

FH Story 4

Dryads 2018

The Dryad Sisters

FH Story 5

The Cave

The Dragons Lair


FH Story 6 B.jpg

Pixie Village.jpg

The Pixie Village

FH Story 7


Meeting the Toadstool Fairy

FH Story 8 B


Forever Happily After

FH Story 9

FH Story END.jpg