The Dream Dancers

Introducing The Dream Dancers:

Amethyst Dovgal

Lucα ℳℱ’η Couturier

ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ



The Dreamer herself, Aelva


Amethyst Dovgal

Amethyst Dovgal has choreographed, directed and performed in stage plays, machinima projects and also done voice work in a number of roles. Working primarily within high-profile special events, her love of new artistic and technical challenges has brought her to The Night Theater, a return to the collaborative environments in which she began her dance work and one that excites her greatly.

Dryad Ame



Over the Rainbow by Ame

Around the World


Lucα ℳℱ’η Couturier

Pixie Luca

The Dragons w FrameTinkers Dance


ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ

Toadstool Bryn



[03:06] Şαм Ṗυяєη (sampuren): that was in a teeny tiny little box too – but its huge. Big things come in small packages
[03:06] Aelva: hehe
[03:06] Aelva: oh the jokes
[03:06] Şαм Ṗυяєη (sampuren): as I keep trying to tell the ladies 😉
[03:06] Şαм Ṗυяєη (sampuren): shrinkage!!!

Dragon SamThe Pond Beast




Thank you to our former cast members, it was a joy to work with you all.

Ekaterina Tolczyner



Kismet Coy




Martty Gether

(Since Martty still hasnt handed me a Bio, I will just simply add some here myself.)

Martty has been with me since when I first started The Night Theater. We first worked togehter at Shadows Sillouettes as Dancers in her chorus line and when I started TNT Martty jumped on the train. Since then, he has created his first acts for the TNT stage, been a Wolf, Polar bear, Troll, Näcken, worn chaps and thongs riding a pink tank and a jolly Santa suit among others. I am so happy to have a chance to work with this rock of a guy and to call him my friend.

[2014/08/23 09:00] Ⓜarttyᵗᵐ (marttygehter): somehow i notice i always wear close to nothing when i dance for you
[2014/08/23 09:00] Aelva: and put the pose in at start
[2014/08/23 09:00] Aelva: what?
[2014/08/23 09:00] Ⓜarttyᵗᵐ (marttygehter): outfit
[2014/08/23 09:00] Aelva: half the time uve been covered in fur silly
[2014/08/23 09:00] Ⓜarttyᵗᵐ (marttygehter): lol,, and in a loin
[2014/08/23 09:00] Ⓜarttyᵗᵐ (marttygehter): 😉
[2014/08/23 09:01] Ⓜarttyᵗᵐ (marttygehter): i dont mind tho
[2014/08/23 09:01] Aelva: oh
[2014/08/23 09:01] Aelva: i was thining of polarbear
[2014/08/23 09:01] Aelva: he only got scarf n hat tho

Bankok by Martty

Merry Xmas from TNT


Shadow Tarber

Pixie Shadow



Shadow started in the SL dance community in February of 2012 with the Shadows Silhouette Dancers’ first production, Steam Dolls. The show earned many accolades including naming the Silhouettes as ‘New Group of the Year’ at the Dance Queens Awards. Since then, Shadow has distinguished herself as a choreographer and director of many Silhouette shows including their latest production of ‘Silly Shades of Grey’, a film noir style murder mystery featuring the music of PostModern Jukebox.

Since Aelva joined the Silhouettes in 2013, she and Shadow have collaborated on a few projects and Shadow has danced with The Night Theater on and off for a couple of years now. They also work together for Out of the Shadows, a burlesque-oriented themed show put on now and again featuring the live music of The Pink Vampire coupled with minimalist burlesque dance numbers showcasing the choreographical spectrum of SL dance. Hidden within a ‘secret garden’, the venue changes with each themed show 🙂

Check out the Silhouettes site at although not updated as frequently as it should be LOL. Or come by Shadows, the theatre home of the Silhouettes.


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