2 Brand New Shows Premiering this weekend!

I have been quiet again. Buried in my cave of dreams and winding gears. Isolation suits me, the growing crescendo of the outside world becomes too much to handle as pain and fatigue grows and I need to escape into the flow of my dreams, making them come to life. Hopefully you will enjoy the result of this, the two new shows that will premiere on Sunday the 8th of October.

First up will be the Halloween themed boat tour me and Shadow Tarber have been working on. You will experience 6 brand new acts, all themed to make you shake with shivers and giggles as you cruise slowly down the river in boats led by the ferryman himself. This show will only be performed 4 times during October this year and seating is limited so book your ticket with me and Shadow if you want a spot.


Second show on the 8th will be even more limited in performances. only 2 occasions for this one and it is for the grand celebration of Fallen Gods Decennial. Being a successful and inspirational business in SL for 10 years is not a small feat and this years show is a tribute to the inspiration and enabling to live out our dreams that Alia gives us threw his creations. It is, as always a great honor for me to do a show for this celebration and I hope I make these creations justice. The two performances of this show that are booked will be on:

Sunday the 8th of October at 2 pm slt

Thursday the  12th of October at 1 pm slt

More information on this and a landmark will be provided in a couple of days.


Fallen Gods Inc. Decennial - POSTER

This will be it for now, it is time to get back to the work cave, but I shall see you soon…

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