One Billion Rising SL 2017


Tomorrow. Valentine’s Day 2017 is the day for our yearly One Billion Rising Manifestation.

It is a day of women and men, supporting women’s equal rights, rising and speaking up in words, music, art and performances of many kinds.

This year the performer’s community in SL have outdone themselves and will bring you a total of 6 shows during the day with performers from all over the world.

Starting with first show at 4 am slt and last show at 6pm, we have a day full of entertainment and that is only to mention the Performer’s sim. There will be 4 sims to explore of art, dj sessions to dance to and poetry readings at the Poetry Corner.

And there will be information kiosks about the event at every landing point.

Program for the Performance Stage:

5 am – Avillion Mer Ballet

6 am – Mahal

10 am – ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life & Love

Noon – Variety Show:

Jarla Capalini, LuLu, Keesha Lenroy, Taema, Virginia Kass & The Night Theater

4 pm – Variety Show:

Aubrynne Mohegan, LuLu, Kyrieholy & The Night Theater

6 pm – Phoenix Dance Team

For more detailed info, Please check the OBR SL blog:

and the schedules for the day here:


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