The MilkyWay Cabaret show 2

Eostri MWC 2016 Poster

Opening day was a great success! We had so much fun and so did the audience. Who can resist 1 ½ hours of Scifi fun?

If you are ready for more or missed the first show, don´t worry, we are doing it again today, Sunday 20th of March and 3 more shows during the week. However, the program varies a bit each show so keep an eye out.

Today we have a bit shorter show, but full of entertainment anyhow. Today we will start at 11.59pm slt (Midnight) to accommodate audiences on different timelines of the grid.

So come by at:

Sunday the 20th of March @ 11.59pm ( Midnight)

Also, if you are itching for some alien fun before and after that, visit the SL Sci-Fi Con. A real feast for us enthusiasts. Great builds and entertainment around the clock.

Landing point is right here:

It´s only on for a week, ending next Sunday, the 27th, so don´miss out;)

MWC Showorder Sunday 20th Corr 3

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