Showtime again!

It is getting closer to Christmas. Kids are out of school, eagerly awaiting the first snow. The house glows of lit candles and the scents of cinnamon, vanilla, caramel and cloves linger in the air. Magic in the making, soon they day is here.

I have been enjoying my SL Christmas preparations grandly this year. With so much room at this lot at LEA, there has been room for whatever my mind can conjure. Snow and ice, twinkling lights, showtime is only a moment away.

I hope you will enjoy our show. My darling Choreographers; Amethyst, Martty, Sebastain and Keesha has worked hard to share a bit of their Christmas magic. And of course I tossed in a couple of numbers too;)

So please come and let us entertain you for an hour. Get cozy in the sleighs, grab a cup of cocoa and share our joy for this season.

Today Saturday the 19th of December at 1pm slt

Tomorrow Sunday the 20th of Decembeer at noon slt.

Please dress warm and lagg friendly and come early enough for sim to load before show. ( About 30 min.)

As a preview of the show, I will leave you the link to the shows album on our Flickr page.

Mamob practice time


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