Premiere of Snowflake Serenade Today!

Snowflake Serenade Poster

Its that time of year again when the world freezes over and there is just a little bit more love in the world. To celebrate, The Night Theater has prepared our 3rd Christmas show:

Snowflake Serenade.

The show Premier on December 13th at noon and you can also catch it on the following dates:

19th of December @ 1pm
20th of December @ noon

Please come at least 30 min before the show starts so your computer will have enough time to load everything for smoothest show-experience possible and try to reduce lagg as much as you can by keeping your scripts low and lights off:) But most of all, let us wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

With this show we have a few new members to the Night Theater team:

ColeMarie Soliel, JMB Balogh ( Jo) and Keesha Lenroy.

Keesha has contributed to this show with her dances “Underneath the Tree, Cole is our Particles Specialist Extraordinaire, and Jo is warming up as a dancer in a couple of the acts.

For the rest of us, I wont say too much but leave you the show order below. Curious? Come over at noon and see what we have been up to!

Snowflake Serenade Showorder Final 4

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