Let it snow…

13 Nov_002

Tho my hometown is still bare and grey, the theater sim has had a visit from Father Frost, breathing his frozen breath over nature, putting it into slumber under the snowflake cover.

There is a crispness in the air, a bite in you cheeks, and a silent stillness in the magical twinkles of snow and ice.

Outside the theater the pond has frozen over, leaving a perfect spot for skating. The little shops around it are all warm and cozy if you need to warm up after or a soft armchair to rest your aching cheeks after a slip or two too many.

Our Christmas show is getting ready for its premier on Sunday the 13th of December. A very symbolic date for me as the 13th of December is when we celebrate Lucia. A tradition of bringing light into the winter darkness. A remembrance of an Italian Saint that also have older, more pagan roots.

I hope with this show, we will entertain, share our christmas spirit and bring some light into your winter darkness too.

Snowflake Serenade Poster.jpg


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