The Night Theater has big plans for Halloween this year.

Festival of the Wicked

During the weekend of All Hallows Eve, October 3oth & 31st, The Night Theater invite you to participate in our Festival of the Wicked. A dance celebration of this holiday of grim and gore. When Old magic awakens and the dead walk the earth again.

Got a show or a single act you want to share with us? Troupes and solo dancers, all welcome. New and old. There are several stages available and we welcome all as long as it is a PG friendly act to follow the rules of the LEA.

Interested? Contact Aelva Resident with a nc or an im and I will put you on the calendar.
Want to check out the sim before? Common over:

Invite Festival of the Wicked invite 2

This should be a great opportunity for all us pixel dance maniacs to get together and enjoy the holidays and share our passion for dance. Hope to see everybody here:)

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