The Fantasme Dancers:

Now it is day 5 of the Fantasy Faire and I want to introduce my crew. I had to ask for some extra help filling the movers on this production as it got a bit bigger than my regular shows and since it was going to be performed on hours that arent very european timezone friendly. And I am thankfull that this crew of accomplished SL dancers wanted to join me for this adventure, all pros in this pixel dance arena. But first up I want to introduce my co-choreographer for the show Royal Shippe.

Royal is a fairly new star in the SL dance skies but has allready risen to a level of fame and respect in the dancecircles that take many years to accomplish. His acts are works of high detailed and animated sets combined with choreographies with high technical difficulties using the whole stage and sets for movement and emphasized by stunning particle effects. EPIC is usually the best word to describe the acts he does, truly bringing the SL dance game to a whole new level. He has been seen performing at the Elysium Cabaret, Dance Xcetera and is one of the creators involved in the ExtravaDanza projects.

For this show he designed the truly Epic Dragon Lord number. With a set of Lava and fire, dragons flying thru the air and animated dragon heads spitting out the Dragon Lord to call out his dancers on stage. It is action from the first tone of the dramatic tune till the last and has left the audience in a state of amazement every show. He has also aided me in setting up some technical aspects of the show like the tentacles in the pirate act and the Ship sailing in. And also been generouse enough to lent me his beautiful beast of a blue dragon for the mermaid act. It is a true joy to work with Royal and to see him weave his magic into everything he does.

Royal as Dragon Lord


BabyPea is one of the sweetest people I have met in SL dance and one of the most involved in the community. She is the co-ower of Elysium Cabaret and have danced in many events thru the years and along with many different troops. She is also working on the Dance Queens staff and is part of the upcomming SL dance magazine MOVE.

Here are some words she has used to describe herself:

Babypea slives (Second Life lives) to dance. She dances for two reasons. One is her love of music, as through SL dance she is afforded the opportunity to express music through movement and visuals. The second reason is friendship and the fellowship of like-minded people who are passionate about SL dance! She started dancing in SL Gor in January, 2012. In July of that same year, longing to allow her imagination to expand in the possibilities of musical expression, she entered mainstream SL dancing. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and also dances in other troupes including Starlite Theatre, EXTRAVADANZA, and the A&M MOCAP Maniacs. She believes anything worth doing deserves to be enjoyed.

BabyP as Chesh


Gunner von Phoenix, who is BabyPeas partner in all lives and also another of the co-owners of Elysium Cabaret was a natural choise to add to this lineup along with BabyPea, wherever Baby goes, so does Gunner.

“I started dancing about 3 years ago. When I started, I wanted to do one dance for my baby. I wanted her to feel the way I did when she danced.
I watched her for a year as she made dances, asked questions and all around was a pain in the ass. But I learned. So I did my first dance. The set was a box with textures in it and baby took over, she helped me make it a set. After 3 years she still helps me. I have the ideas she helps with the sets. :)”

Gunner Dargonlord


Sebastain Bourne was along with Storm recruited to the show by Royal. He ahd worked with these great and dedicated guys over at Elysium before. Sebastain had the following to share of himself and his involvements in SL dance:

“I’ve been in SL since it’s beta testing days and done a lot of things in SL over the years. Nothing has grabbed my creative interest as much stage dancing has. I enjoy designing sets and creating routines.

I got my start with ITzGirlz and Fellaz, and now I dance for Dance Xcetera, La Oro Unleashed, and several other troupes as they need me. I enjoy dancing, the friendships and sharing among the dance community, and creating.”

Here are some links from Sebastains profile where you can see more of what he is involved in:


Sebastain as Pirate


Storm Bohemian:

“I’ve been dancing in SL for about four months now. I had friends involved and it looked like something I would enjoy. I joined up with Dance Xcetera *Dx* the first of December. I have been dancing with them ever since. I build sets, and with my partner Liri put together dances.

I also dance with La Oro as a guest dancer, and preform with them. As well as guest spots with other directors that are friends of mine.

It’s been fun, the creativity is amazing among these people, and the friendliness and willingness to help each other. I look forward to many more shows and fun times with all of them.”

Pirate Storm framed


Diiar Vader is another of Royals recruit to the show.

“Originally an emcee of a dance show who got a little too curious as to what it was like on the other side of the curtains. Took one small peek one day in the fall of 2013 and have rarely looked back since.

Occasional performer at The Empire Room and Starlite Theater, Emcee at Le Artiste.”


Diiar is also an excellent photographer ontop of choreographer. More of her shots here:

Diiar as the Hare


I met Imrhien Fargis properly for the first time when The Night Theater joint The Milky Way Cabaret for this years Scifi Con. Having enjoyed watching her acts at that show and on the web, I was thrilled when she wanted to join us for Fantasme. And she didnt let my offer to share the Prince Charming and Pirate with Jess scare her off at all, she dove in head first and made one of the most handsome Princes I have seen in SL. Here are a few words about herself that she wanted to share:

“Imrhien Fargis knew SL dance was for her from the moment she laid eyes on the first show she went to, and has been immensely enjoying creating and telling stories on stage since then. She co-coordinates and co-directs The Milky Way Cabaret annually at the Second Life Science Fiction Convention. Imrhien can be found exploring all of the amazing shows the grid has to offer, or else up on her build platform making things explode.”

Milky Way Cabaret Flickr:
Milky Way Cabaret Facebook Group:



JenzZa – in her own words

I have been in Second Life for almost 9 years. I have worked with many education and enterprise projects including the production team for Metanomics for 5 years. I own & manage a wonderful LIVE music & arts performance sim that is also 9 years old – Muse Isle. I am part of a 2 person company that developed, markets & sells the popular couples walker product – RendeZvous II Couples Walker & Animator.

But nothing has impacted me the way SL Theater Dance has! I was introduced to Aelva and Night Theater in October 2014 and it has turned my entire life upside down in the best of ways! I have spent the past 5 months learning to use the Spot On choreography tools so I can develop & create my ideas. Time literally stands still!

I am so inspired by Aelva and her amazing creative vision which she executes to perfection. All of the choreographers, set designers, & dancers involved with SL Theater dancing fascinate me– the whole world has captivated me and I confess I am now a hopeless addict! I look forward with great anticipation and delight to all the future has in store for me!

Jen as Alice


Jess was introduced to the world of dance in 2012 when Perky Baxton invited her to a performance of Guerilla Burlesque. Overwhelmed by the artistry, she made it her mission to explore and learn this unique artform. From the stage, she has used dance as a means to explore her psyche and open herself up to the audience.

Jess is an incurable feminist and has often portrayed strong female characters in her acts as well as having an iTunes library dominated by female artists. Off stage, she enjoys a good laugh and silly humour. On stage, she believes that the core of the act comes from the concept, and every other element leads to the core narrative.

Jess at FF 2015

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