Premiere day of Fantasme @ Fantasy Faire!

Finally! The  wait is over. After a couple of months of hard work the day has arrived. The Faire opened its gates about an hour ago. I am perched on a floating chair at the wonderful sim Poseidon´s Abyss, Created by the ever so talented Haveit Neox, dedicated to the Arts, watching the first visitors drop in to explore this stunning creation sunk in water.

13 april_027

As this is the sim the dance performances will be held, I was fortunate to get a preview and tour by Haveit himself a week or so ago, to get an feel of the place to try to make our showfit the surroundings. I hope we have succeeded;) I will let you be the judge of that if you come to see us. We will be performing daily during the event. 7pm slt weekdays and noon slt on weekends. Calendar to the Faires events can be fond at this link:

Being the curiouse creature I am,, I have fluttered about the different sims in the stillness before the opening and marveled at the never ending flow of creativity that resides in SL. I will share my pics soon,, as soon as the pre-show panic and chaos settles and I breathe again at a normal pace. Hopping from one scene to the next to find they all knock the wind out of you in sheer amazement, leaves you a little breathless;)

Now, onwards to the show ahead:

FF2015 Showposter png test

FF2015 Fantasme Showorder Updated 20150423

Please come at 6.30 pm slt to give everything a chance to load and,, as low-lagg as possible. The Faire complimentairy lowlagg skins are right by the landingpoint if you feel in a purple mood;)

To Follow, an introduction to our dancers….


BabyP as Chesh

As Cheshier

Mermaid Pea

As the Purple Mermaid



Diiar as the Hare

As the Hare

Dwarfette Diiar

Dwarfette Diiar

Mermaid Diiar

As the Goldfish



Sarah at FF



Fifi at FF



Jess at FF 2015



Jen as Alice

As Alice

Mermaid Jen

As the Aqua Mermaid



Royal as Dragon Lord

As the Dragon Lord



*Pirate Storm

As one of Pirates



24 april_065

Sebastain, Imrhien and Gunner are going under the Lense today


To end it off The Dreamer

Hatter at FF

As The Hatter

Mermaid Aelva

As the 4th mermaid

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