The Wait is almost over…..

Its been Oh so quiet here for a while. The Theater seems to be slumbering, tho we have moved, up up Up in the air, a decieving calm surrounds the new scenery. But if you look closely, in the corners of your eyes, you will see things moving. You will hear the fain buzzing of busybeez in the wind. Soon, very very soon…. things will come to life again. And this time, for this Event, It will be all magic. Next week, we will be ready to come out of our hiding and as the doors open to the Fair of Fairs, our next show will be ready to bring You and yours on a spellbound journey with The Night Theater Dancers and a few of our new friends and some of the most amazing dancers in SL.

So come along with me…….

Hatter Sparkle fade softer

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