The Night Theater to perform at The Fantasy Fair 2015


I am very pleased to finally announce that we will be performing our next show at the Fantasy Fair 2015!

It is a great honor to be asked to be part of this great event for me, it was the Fantasy Fair that originally opened my eyes to the limitless world that SL is and the amazingly talented people that call this a home. I was lucky enough to stumble into one of the Fairs when I was still a puppy here. I hope I will make your all proud to have me along.

So I have put all my energy into what I hope will be an hour of magical entertainment for you all. And along the way I recruited Royal Shippe to help me bring to life the madness I had in my head. You will not want to miss his contributions,,, they will rock your mind. As his work always does. We also have a team of dancers I am very proud to be allowed to puppeteer: BabyPea, Diiar, Jess, Sebastian & Storm, all very talented and accomplished in SL dancing on their own and a great joy to have onboard in this project. And ofc JenzZa and Sarah, my own dear dancers of The Night Theater.

So, come and see our show at the Fantasy Fair 2015, in support of RFL, we bring you:

“Fantasme” A jorney between Wonderland and Never Neverland.

The doors to the fair sims will open on April 23rd and will stay open till the end of May 3rd.

We will perform one show daily:

Weekdays 7pm slt

Weekends noon slt.

Slurs to the Performance sim will be posted when available so stay tuned for updates.

But for now, I leave you with our invite and I hope I will see you at the Fair.

/ A

FF2015 Fantasme Showposter 1

FF2015 Fantasme Showorder WO no 5

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