What a Weekend!

I am absolutley exhausted but this has been so much fun!

It started with our guestperformance at Elysium on friday night at 6pm sl. Wich was a blast! Lots of energy and happy people. It is great fun to get with this crowd of SL dance fanatics;)

Then our own Valentines show premiered on Saturday at noon slt. We had a lot of friends join us celebrating on their Valentinesday and judging from the reaction, we made the day a little brighter:) Hope Everybody got their pressies, if not, the Valentines card from us will still be out for a week or 2.

The show will be on 3 more times  this week as follows:

Wednesday 18 feb at noon slt

Saturday 21 feb at noon slt

Saturday 21 feb at midnight slt ( heading towards sunday)

Hope to see you there!

Also we closed the weekend off with participating in the big dancecollaboration at One Billion Rising. With BabyP, Dragon, Lily, Jess, Jen and me from TNT we rocked the place in support of this grand cause.

Links to bloggs about this and pics and vids to be added as I recieve them.

Now its time to think on what is next. What will the next theme be for our show? I do have a few in mind.

You will see us next on tuesday tho, at the Mardi Gras parade at Shadow Tarbers excellent New Orleans spirited build at the Bayou. There will be Floats, Dancers, Music and the usual glam chaos that follows this kind of gathering of dancers. So come and party with us.

Tuesday 17th feb at 1pm. slurlink to follow too.

And the Scifi Convetnion starts this friday along with lots of celebration, fun installations and ofc, more dance!

Yep, we will have a number or 2 to perform here too. Schedule will be posted as soon as I have one. But from my experiences past years, this will be great fun too, Need a day or 2 to explore and play with everything here.

So stay tuned…and dont stop twirling….

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