Time to get this in shape?

After about a year (?) or so maby it is time I got this blogg in shape. The Night Theater has now been active in Second Life over a year. We have done 7 shows in this time, of wich the newest will premiere on Valentines day (10 day countdown), and a few guestappearances in different places.

It finally feels like things are in place. We are a functioning, creative team and only the starry night sky is the limit. I am very proud of my dancers. I will write them each a proper introduction here, so you get to know them too. They deserve the praise and adoration.

I also need to get our videos linked in order. We have had some machinima artists take an interest in our shows and kindly recorded some of our acts. And also,, the grand collection of pictures from the shows.

I hope these will spark an interest, that you,, will come and see what we have made to entertain you:)

/ A

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